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As I’ve mentioned, I have suffered with an anxiety disorder since my early teens. To make that even more fun (I jest- I JEST BIG TIME), I was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder called Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD – which made living through 50% of each month almost entirely unbearable at times. My decision to not take on the role of a mother was largely based on these two issues. I struggled with not becoming a mother for a long time…I believed that I was not “whole” as a woman given that (in my experience) it is quite taboo in society to choose not to have children when so many women are desperate to do so. I found solace in creating rich, meaningful relationships with my niece & nephew & becoming a close confidante to my dearest friends’ children.  My role as an Aunt is undoubtedly one of the most important in my life. And so, the brand “ANTES” (pronounced Aunties) begins….(Do note that every ANTE is named after each of the children that I care so deeply about).


TSH, ANTE AMY (or just another creative chick trying to build awesome stuff & to live happily doing so).

I hope you will love to shop my space as I much I loved to create it.

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